Posted by: seasonaire | February 21, 2011

Powder Day (beware, some smugness may be detected)

For the first time this season, the whole team skied together. This might seem a bit odd, given that we are already three months in, but the fact of the matter is, that at the start of the season we had such disparate ski abilities, that skiing together was a frustrating experience for all, so people tended to peel off throughout the day to pursue their own things. The first powder day in nearly two months, was enough incentive for everyone to go up the mountain and hit the fresh snow.

Many on our team are inexperienced off-piste, landing the responsibility squarely on my shoulders. Being an all the gear, no idea kind of girl, I have every imaginable bit of kit required for snow enjoyment (with the notable exception of snow blades, because they are ridiculous), including all of the safety equipment. However, being the only one with a tranceiver, probe and shovel, is pretty much useless. Luckily the avalanche risk was 2, so there was not a huge amount to worry about. Being an adrenaline junkie, I worry that I sometimes give the impression that I am gung ho on the safety front and more inclined to head into dangerous territory because I think that having all of the gear makes me immune. This may be partially true, but for my part, I am usually quite keen on scaring the living bejesus out of off-piste newcomers. Not so this time, because I was so excited about fresh tracks, that I failed utterly to tell anyone about the risks. My bad.

Anyway, the avalanche risk was low, we were all together, and the newbies needed someone to follow who had some idea of where they were going. Fun times had by all, and minimal risk. My particular compliments to the Chef for landing us in some thick forest, resulting in a spot of tree swinging on my part. Safe, as I said. At least we know where not to go next time.

After our close encounter with nature, we all headed off for beers. Sadly though, true to form, DLG decided not to join. Apparently it is insufficient to ski for just four hours a day, and wasting precious ski time socialising is not sufficiently self-improving. I beg to differ, socialising is at the heart of ski culture, and a team-building experience. The ability to socialise will almost always get you further in life than any other skill you care to mention. At least that is my excuse. I see it as adding more data to the anecdote machine, in the hope I never become a crashing bore.


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