Posted by: seasonaire | November 15, 2011


On another note, someone recently asked me what sort of wild nights out I am used to, after I suggested that a certain group of people were pretty tame.

Not trying to be arrogant, but several ski seasons, two (many) degrees and an adrenaline junkie mindset, have resulted in a few situations that I would like to regard as hilarious and unique.

Some general assumptions to bear in mind when reading this post:

  1. I drink too much, I know this, it is definitely manageable.
  2. Gymnastics and alcohol are both an awesome and lethal combination.
  3. It does not need to be nighttime, especially true for ski seasons.
  4. Saunas are not a good place to sleep.
  5. If you are small and female, squaring up to a bouncer, is amusing…for about 10 seconds.
  6. Hitching rides between ski resorts usually involves rally-style driving in tiny cars, sometimes with a random dog on your lap.

In no particular order, here is a brief resume of some of the more ridiculous situations I can remember:

I thought my days of backflipping across bars were over, but this would seem not to be the case. See this post for a blow by blow account of how I broke my nose, again. Yes, I am a massive show-off.

I have convinced a surprisingly large number of people that I am an antelope. Tell a drunken punter a ridiculous lie night, is always hilarious, but more a way of spicing up a dull evening, than an event in its own right.

Dancing on the stage in my bra, was a great idea until I realised I was still wearing my ski underwear. White sports bras are just not attractive. Apparently my fellow dancers had in some way pre-planned the apres-ski strip show, and come wearing decent underwear. For anyone who would like to experience this themselves, Wednesdays in the Farinet, Verbier, comes highly recommended.

The best morning-after ever, is the day we were on Norwegian national TV, stumbling around in cocktail dresses with the boys dressed either as Inspector Gadget or in traditional national costume. This partly occurred due to a breakfast of Gherkin flavoured Aquavit, the Norwegian national spirit. The show we inadvertently starred in followed a kids parade through the centre of Oslo. I am not sure we were 100% welcome, but we still got a wave from the King; I am told he is a bit special.

I think this may become an ongoing post theme, as I am sure there are some gems that will come to me when I least expect it. Oh the joys of human memory. Please comment if you have something to share.


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