Posted by: seasonaire | February 6, 2013

Not a Punter

I have come to the conclusion that paying for your fun is simply not worth it.

Working in ski resorts in winter is akin to a free holiday. Sure, you will probably have to deal with listening to your punters carp on endlessly about property prices in Fulham, pick up a fair few dirty ski socks that do not belong to you, and will also have to fabricate favourable snow reports week in, week out , even when it is clearly raining, but the upsides hardly need to be spelled out.

The same can be said for festival work. The inconveniences are still apparent, as can only be expected with being outdoors for the duration of the event, but the rewards are incredible. While you are being paid to tramp around in the mud, probably being fed and watered into the bargain, everyone else is paying a small fortune for the same privilege. Of course it depends on the job, but with the exception of unpaid stewarding, you are guaranteed money, slightly cleaner staff toilets with no queue, and access to the music without the inconvenience of having to buy tickets months in advance.

On a more day-to-day basis, I would highly recommend bar work as a way of being paid to do something you would do anyway. Why buy alcohol when you can simply help yourself to it while you are working (this does not work in all bars, but most will provide you with at least one drink during or after your shift)?

The last benefit I would like to point out, is that of superiority complex, while the majority of the population are slaving away in jobs they hate, commuting back to mediocre suburbs in order to spend one week a year in the Alps, or fork out for an overhyped gig; resort and festival workers spend the majority of their lives living the dream, for free. No wonder we feel rather smug. OK, none of these jobs will get me rich, and I am bound to gripe and moan about the minor inconveniences, but in reality stress-related conditions are pretty rare round here.


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