Posted by: seasonaire | March 29, 2017

Long time no…

Well, it has been a while hasn’t it?

Many things have happened, a couple of winter seasons, even more summer seasons, and now, a proper grown-up job. Well, a proper grown-up year long contract anyway.

I now live in the thriving metropolis that is Bristol, constant winner of ‘great place to live’ awards and home of cool funky things of all descriptions, and a startlingly huge suburban sprawl of samey looking council estates. Though rather pleasant, and not unpleasing to the eye, these are the bits that nobody talks about, because very little of note seems to happen there. This is my Bristol, bland and rather far from the city centre, but I am OK with that, because these days, I can accept a bit of mediocrity in exchange for being relatively near my friends.

Now I need to take some time to catch up on the blog, write a few posts about the last couple of years, and decide whether it is worth continuing.


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