Having worked in ski resorts throughout the Alps for the past few years, I thought my insight would be valuable for any would-be resort workers out there.

The reality of season work is different for everyone. Each resort has it’s own unique quirks, and where you end up is largely down to luck (or connections, if that is the way you roll). I have worked in numerous resorts, including Verbier, St Anton, Zermatt, Courchevel, Flims and Grindelwald. There is a huge difference in atmosphere in each resort, and it is well worth doing a bit of research to find out what would suit you best.

Recently the blog has evolved, and now also features posts from my time in the UK, and other travels. Email me if you want to ask anything specific, or would like to write a guest post.

Some other things I like to read:

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Sarcastic commentary from a long-term resident of a French ski resort

Nipple Deep

Informative and broad ski blog

Belle de Neige

Belligerence extraordinaire from the Alps and beyond

Interactive Resorts Blog

Sounds a bit corporate, but they actually put a lot of effort into making their blog entertaining and informative. Well done Jim


Melbourne Surprise

A blog on things that annoy or delight Dave about Melbourne, so good that the Australian Government have decided to archive it for future generations.

European Snowsport

A great ski school offering a huge variety of products and services in multiple languages. Based in Verbier, Zermatt and St Moritz.


Interesting and unusual ski holidays all over the world.

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